Tuesday, July 24, 2007

effective church leadership

*crowd roars*


(crowd of 450,000: 'yay!!!!!')



(me and my mum: 'yay!!!!!!')



now, really... that's just a bit silly.

it's not really 'us' verses 'them' because 'us' is 'them' a bit and 'they' are a bit like 'us' and 'we' sorta like 'them' and 'we' agree with 'them' when 'they' say things that 'we' think agree with 'us'

we're all in this together

I'm just struggling with the similarities and differences in principles of function and growth between the 'Church Growth' (movement, group, society, banner, interdenominational strategic focus...???) and the good ol' Salvos.
We're both perhaps lacking some deep, deep theology to provide in-depth analysis of compatibility.
and yet, we've taken a lot of 'Church Growth stuff' on board (often) very happily and posistively.

Any why not?
there's a lot of good there

but is it different good to our good?

that's poisitively hilarious!

as if we own good.

God is God.
Our specific call may be unique, and i feel called into this uniquely-called collection of the specifically-called...

but God is God everywhere.

the end

(G. Roberts was right, I know more and more about less and less)

Monday, July 16, 2007


It's been a while

my apologies

(it was a duck)
-just kidding!

so, how is everyone? good, good.
I probably shouldn't be writing 'cause I'm absolutely exhausted and don't have anything particularly wonderful to say.

oh, Jesus is tops.
that's a pretty good thing to say

It's been an intense couple of weeks. I need a holiday to recover from this holiday.
I had an awesome time, but i think i just overdid it a bit.

it's funny how we can overdo some things

and underdo others

I've been underdoing a few things

There was a whole lotta conviction goin' on at candidates weekend. I've been underdoing some basic disciplines to avoid overdoing them with fearful intentions.
the fear is gone.
so it's time to get on with this

Kingdom biniss is serious biniss.

pray for Linsey Lohan and Paris and Nic Richie

Why? For Heaven's sake, why not?


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just realised i didn't answer the question

if that was an essay, I would have failed.
But don't get me started.

I'm not too sure it's a THIN line between judgment and discernment.

can we judge actions and not people?


maybe judgment is the wrong word

mocho-chino-emo-po-pomos might say what's right for you is right for you... and what's ice-cream for me is lactose-intolerant-torture for you...

I'm not all about that. I think there's a bit of black and white in this grey, grey world. But hey, that's just what *I* think... aw carp

Let's get hypothetical on this...
If I do something that someone else thinks and feels and knows is wrong (and they've got scripture on their side)... I would hope that they wouldn't just say 'your wrong, you loser'... Ideally, God would tell me himself... but maybe we've got a time constraint going on here and I'm speaking to a full auditorium of people (hey, I can dream - but in this hypothetical I've got all my clothes on - whoah, this is going nowhere good fast)..
a-hem... So I'm saying wrong stuff
Moch knows it...
I'm still talking so there's no time for discussion...
So, does Moch...
a) pray his little heart out that God will give me sudden discernment and that the ears of the people will be deaf to anything that's not from God???
or b) grab some organisee person, scrounge up some spiritual leaders in 17 seconds and ask for me to be kindly escorted from the platform as Guy Sebastian takes his place to sing 'What a wonderful world'?

Meh, I dunno

Should I 'wrong' and 'right' the actions of others... or pray... or both?
I felt really, really, really, really, really (you get the point) convicted about having nasty judgment in my heart about a situation i was in within a group of friends in high school... it was ridiculously clear to me what was 'right' and what was 'wrong' and I lessened my love accordingly.
I caught myself in a moment a couple of years ago where it hit me
"do you realise how easily you could be in the same *afformentioned situation*?"
holy carp!
I'm human!

and i need love and those high school humans all need love and we all need love

call me trite or whatever... (I will answer to both)
but this is all i can think right now

blessings on yer hearts!

Judgment vs discernment

tweedle-dee (whoever you are)
that's a toughie

The answer is this...

yep, there it is. Hope you enjoyed that.

I really don't know. I think you make a good point, but for me where I am right now and what I'm in and who I'm with and what flavour ice-cream I want to paint my walls with... judgment needs the kick more that discernment needs the push.

I'm all for discernment.
I hope I marry someone with a lot of it
ha ha ha ha - funny on so many different levels!

I know there's a need to discern alongside a need to recognise Christ as the only one qualified to judge.
(I still hold by my argument that I speak the wrong language - issues with 'words' would be easier in German... maybe, I don't really know)
I reckon if i listen to God and do what He says life will be okay

Right now He's saying, 'rach, stop being judgmental'

hoo roo
*moch actually agrees with me on this*

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

crusty bits of jelly-dust

is probably what you'd get ifn you made jelly (or jell-o) and then tried to reduce it back down into solid form via a bunsen burner.

I miss the Bunsens. I used to torture and disfigure my biros with that crew. Fun times. Would you believe i was in advanced science in high school? nah, I don't buy it for a second.

My brain hurts. Blogging is what I do when my brain hurts. The lately frequent posting on this site is not a good sign.

So... how is everyone???

I hate wasting time. And I do far too much of it on study days. I made a lot of head-way on my New Testament assignment today, but I still felt like I was wasting the day. I probably could've finished it if i didn't fiss-part around so much. I should stop fiss-parting around.

Meh... should is not good. should is a very, very, very, very, very bad man

Should Bunsen is the Bunsen's nephew. He's a bad sort. No friends. Zero social skills. Not much hope, really. Poor ol' Should.

I'd feel a little sorrier for him if he stopped burning kittens.

sooooo... Jesus n stuff. Jesus and Should
Jesus loves Should
No one else does.

What's up with judgment? I want to stop judging people. It's not good. I will make an effort to stop. I will pray. It 's a struggle and I know God's with me because i think that's why it keeps coming up. I will change. God will change me

whew! a whole min-paragraph without Should in it.
I hope to keep this up! It's very freeing!
Give it a burl!
It's good!

C-Detty supa Rach (Im das Hause!)